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Are you looking for a Readymade Project for your school or college? We are here to understand your need and have experienced experts who would help you with the same.


We aim to provide the best presentation of student’s subject choices, which they want to present in the form of their project report. At Readymade Project, we adhere to provide the students with the quality lectures which are used to provide a detailed enquiry on the subject. We live in a competitive world and thus, we move towards the growing era of e-learning and development through our online college projects.

  • 1. Web Based Crime Prediction
  • 2. Web Based Health Monitoring
  • 3. Web Based E-commerce
  • 4. Personality Prediction System Through CV Analysis
  • 5. Employee Timesheet Management System
  • 6. Web Based Student Attendance System
  • 7. Web Based Bus Booking System
  • 8. Intelligent Tutoring System for Enhancing E-Learning
  • 9. Online Voting System
  • 10. Web based Student Performance Analysis
  • 11. Web based Expense Tracking System
  • 12. Real Estate Booking
  • 13. Smart Health consulting system
  • 14. Image Mining Project
  • 15. Festival Calendar System with Business Promotion
  • 16. Car Sales And Inventory Store Project
  • 17. Video Surveillance Project
  • 18. Smart Health Consulting Project